Mittwoch, 09. Oktober 2013

Crowdfunding for Sustainability-Maker

Products and projects for sustainable lifestyles, developed and financed by the crowd, the Sustainability-Maker-Projekt will enable.

On the 15. of octobre it starts at the Sustainability Maker Convention in Cologne. This is the launch of the first open innovation-platform for sustainability on the internet., The so called "born innovatives", the talented by nature ingenious, creatives and imaginatives can and shall develop and finance their ideas on the new Innonatives-platform.

Analog to the Digital Natives, who were born in the digital age, Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding are the further more parameter, which are valid then: Open innovation processes shall invite the community of creative webusers to develop products, projects and processes for sustainability in common and to optimize them together. This way there shall be more products and services produced which enable an ressource-light lifestyle for all.

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