Apply now: “German Raw Materials Efficiency Award 2012”

Urban mining, waste export, Hindu Kush – all of these keywords are associated with raw materials. However, raw material efficiency has not yet become part of everyday life. In order to raise people’s awareness, the Deutscher Rohstoffeffizienz-Preis 2012 (German Raw Materials Efficiency Award) will again be offered this year.


Living Planet Report 2012: We Are Using One and a Half Planets

Our planet is being harmed and the damage can even be seen from space. This is how the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) presented the Living Planet Report 2012 from the International Space Station (ISS). According to the report, it takes our planet one and a half years to replace the natural resources humanity uses in a year.


The RV of the Future

[Translate to en:] Bufalino Camper

Downtown parking problems, housing shortages, and mobility will no longer be problematic if the Bufalino becomes reality. Is it an example of sustainable design?


Sustainia: A Sustainable Virtual World Is Born

[Translate to en:] Die Sustainia-Community lädt ein

Sustainia is the name of a new virtual world on the Internet. Unlike the forgotten hype of Second Life, however, it is completely sustainable. Sustainia shows how mankind could live in 2020 if the sustainable technologies available today were widely used.

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