Value-ation: New Issue of factory-magazine about Appreciation of Values

Title of the factory-magazine Value-ation

Available now as an PDF-magazine and with some articles online is the sixth issue of factory called Value-ation. It deals with all aspects of appreciation of tangible, personal and social values in the context of sustainable economy.


BE(A)WARE: Fifth issue of the factory-magazin available in English language

The new english issue of "factory - Magazine for sustainable economy" discusses what will help us predicting what is coming next - the past, present or future?


2013 is another Record Year for Renewables

title of the annual report of global renewable energy production

Renewables 2014 Global Status Report published


Separating: New Topic of factory-Magazine

Title of the magazine Separating

The fourth English issue of "factory - Magazine for Sustainable Economy", titled "Separating", is online and ready for download.


"Growth" issue now available

title of the factory-magazine Growth

The third English issue of "factory - Magazine for a Sustainable Economy", titled "Growth" is online and ready for download.


Partaking and Taking Part

Second issue of the factory magazine in English language


Germany could be greenhouse-gas-neutral by 2050

According to a new study by the German Federal Environment Agency could become greenhouse gas neutral. Just using currently available technologies, emissions could be reduced by 95%.


Crowdfunding for Sustainability-Maker

Products and projects for sustainable lifestyles, developed and financed by the crowd, the Sustainability-Maker-Projekt will enable.


A Map for sustainable shopping in NRW

Where can i buy organic and fair, where furnitures and second-hand, where are repair-services? For North-Rhine-Westphalia in Germany an new map-based online-service is launched.


Start of the english version of factory

The english flag as a sign for the english language

From now on we offer an english version of the factory magazine to fascilitate the international perception of articles written in german language about sustainability in economics.


For a Better Energy Efficiency Policy

An open letter from energy experts addressed to the German government and the Economic and Environmental Committee will be a wake-up call for politicians and support a sustainable economy.


Only a few companies are on their way towards economic sustainability

Most sectors are not advancing fast enough on their way towards sustainability. The Munich rating agency oekom research evaluated the sustainability performance of 3100 companies from 50 countries. Only every sixth company operates sustainably and, especially in the most relevant sectors, there have been no changes.


Exclusion makes people sick

Belonging is a part of social sustainability. New findings in brain research show that this fact must be handled responsibly. If we are excluded, it almost hurts physically and as a consequence, we become inured. For this reason, brain researcher Hüther calls for a new relationship culture.


A New Way of Assessing our Economies: The Prosperity Quintet

Economic growth is not tantamount to prosperity even though politicians and economists use these terms as synonyms. On a global scale, economists measure economic growth exclusively on the basis of gross domestic product, but in doing so, many other factors that contribute to the welfare and prosperity of a country are ignored. Therefore, more specific alternatives for assessing our economies are needed. So far there has been no indicator of prosperity that has been truly successful. For this reason, social scientist Meinhard Miegel presents five indicators for measuring prosperity, including GDP.


The absolute limits of growth

Is there anything else left that we can personally and globally do in order to avoid further damage to the climate, the environment and the social balance? Greenpeace interviewed Prof. Uwe Schneidewind, President of the Wuppertal Institute and member of the German Bundestag's Study Commission on Growth, on the subject.

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