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  • Illusions about Growth
    They do exist, the 'limits to growth'. Everyone is familiar with the key words nowadays: climate change, overexploited oceans and high oil prices. If you ask companies and politicians about this,...
  • The Disappearance of Products
    Worldwide, we use too much material and energy for our increasingly resource-consuming lifestyles. A transformation to increase sustainability via transformative products is no longer an option, but...
  • Rebound
    The Rebound Effect in many cases reduces the savings of better resourceefficiency. How big it is and how it can be limited the factory magazine Rebound shows.
  • Rethink rather than rebound: a sufficiency revolution must precede the efficiency revolution
    Commitments to efficiency are no miracle cure to ensure a transformation towards more sustainability. By means of sufficiency policies, however, even rebound effects can be limited. By Wolfgang...
  • Can a donkey be tragic?
    Technological development and its adverse consequences for the environment and for people can hardly be reasonably regulated; there is a way back only after accidents. In order to further understand...
  • drucken
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