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Thursday, 22. March 2012

The RV of the Future

Downtown parking problems, housing shortages, and mobility will no longer be problematic if the Bufalino becomes reality. Is it an example of sustainable design?

It is the world’s smallest RV as it only provides sufficient space for a single person. The “Bufalino” is a design study by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns. In the world of the future, where housing and parking shortages in the cities will be common and mobility and flexibility will be an important part of life, this compact RV may become part of a “sustainable lifestyle.”

Comann’s Bufalino is based on the three-wheeled Piaggio APE 50 and contains everything necessary to lead a nomadic life: a bed, a kitchen, a desk, storage space, and even a roof terrace. Apart from that, it is also mobile and will fit into any small parking space like a Smart.

Right now, however, this space may only be temporary as it is illegal to sleep in an automobile wherever one likes. Nonetheless, this legal situation may change in the future if sustainable concepts of living and mobility prove to be solutions in the face of housing shortages, increasing numbers of students and low-paid workers, and the flexibility necessitated by short-term employment contracts in changing locations.

Additional pictures are available at Designboom.

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