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Friday, 11. August 2017

From Knowledge to Action

Action and Trade is the new factory magazine which is now published from german translation. It mentions the best acteurs to achieve the Paris Agreement, tells about nudging and assisting apps, creates a new anti-fossile understanding of Google and Facebook businesses, shows that solidarity and helpfulness is human, discuss sustainabilized free trade agreements and asks for slow retail in times of hourly online deliveries.

The Paris Agreement, a binding non-binding agreement for limiting global warming to an increase of 2ºC above preindustrial levels, is a successful step towards change. After 25 years of UN climate diplomacy, this agreement, which stipulates a contribution to climate protection from each country, has to be deemed a success both for the UN itself and for the world. It is hoped that competition will emerge for actions that will protect our environment. But the means for achieving this goal have not been specified and there will be numerous exceptions to the rules.

In his article From Negotiating to Trading Equitably, philosopher Bernd Draser explains why it is so difficult for minds and hands to work together. Dirk Messner, Chairman of the German Advisory Council on Global Change, is convinced that it is also possible to achieve this regardless of the Paris Agreement: “The prerogative of interpreting the future now lies with the companies involved in climate protection.” In Modern Strategies, Ilona Koglin comprehensively presents which tools can be used by people and societies in order to progress towards transformation. In May the Force Be with Us, Andres Friedrichsmeier investigates whether we are losing our autonomy and freedom of action when following the big data business model used by Google, Facebook and the like, or if it actually creates a chance for a democratic economy.

With impressive portraits by the photographer Anja Weber, the article ‘Nothing for Honour’ shows that solidarity and helpfulness are generally part of human nature and that individuals as well as society benefit from this. Industry and economic policy want to achieve an entirely different transformation by means of so-called free trade agreements. In ‘A Further Step towards Free Trade’, Alessa Hartmann discusses whether free trade agreements are sustainable. Finally, Manfred Ronzheimer’s article ‘Trading in Transition’ is about the billion-euro business of the retail industry and online trade and ‘slow retail’ and its ecological and social implications. Those for whom the possibilities of trade and action seem too much to handle can always keep in mind my father’s old saying: “Those who do nothing make no mistakes.”

The new factory magazine Action and Trade wants to increase the power of your knowledge and lead you to choose the appropriate action and trade, or non-action and non-trade! It can be downloaded for free and is well readable on screens and tablets. Some of the articles are online as well and can be commented there.

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