Tuesday, 15. January 2013

For a Better Energy Efficiency Policy

An open letter from energy experts addressed to the German government and the Economic and Environmental Committee will be a wake-up call for politicians and support a sustainable economy.

An open letter is a good opportunity to call the attention of the public and of politicians to certain aspects of a problem. In a statement published in the German weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, energy experts demand the closure of the gap between ambitious energy savings targets and political reality in Germany.

In order to be able to cover the remaining energy demand faster and more cost effectively with renewable energies, it is indispensable to lower energy demand. The experts who signed the statement thus claim that a successful efficiency policy cannot merely be based on the cycle of market economy but has to be seen as a major innovative task.

Politicians should use all available instruments: support, motivation, information and further training. According to the plea, regulatory instruments, market surveillance and cooperation with the economy are also a part of this repertoire.

The open letter can be read on ZEIT ONLINE.


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