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    • Do-it-yourself
    • From the handaxe to desktop fabrication
      Do-it-yourself is a new, yet old trend. DIY stores, ATMs, ticket machines, Ikea, and Wikipedia are part of our everyday life. In a world in which businesses transfer part of their production to the...
    • Standing on One’s Own Feet
      Do-it-yourself (DIY) does not stand for the division of labour, but for the preservation of resources. A modern subsistence economy cannot exist without it. By Gerhard Scherhorn Translated by Lea...
    • The Aesthetics of Do-It-Yourself
    • Should you really DIY?
      About restrictions and creativity. There are many arguments against DIY, including our lack of professionalism and that we put a lot of time and resources into DIY. We are already doing too much...
    • Let’s Break Away from Determined Breaking Points
      Many everyday products could have a longer lifecycle if they were designed accordingly. At the Folkwang University of the Arts, designers create new ideas for this purpose: about separating material,...
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