News | 27. July 2016

Magazine Sisyphus about Failure and Frustration is online

Where do we stand on the matter of sustainable development? If you ask sustainability activists and scientists, you often hear sobering facts and considerable disappointment concerning the achievements so far. The factory magazine Sisyphus collects articles about the sustainable engagement, the beauty of failure, figures to not give up, happy islands, power and the Anthropocene.

News | 20. July 2016

Flood damages in Germany could multiply under climate change

Flood-related losses can be expected to increase considerably in Germany as a result of climate change, a new study shows. Extreme events like the severe floods along the river Elbe have already illustrated the potentially devastating consequences of certain weather conditions such as severe rainfall events, when continuing intense rain can no longer be absorbed by the soil and water levels in the rivers rise. Without appropriate adaptation, flood-related damage of currently about 500 million euros a year could multiply in the future, the comprehensive expert analysis published in the journal Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences highlights.

News | 06. July 2016

Planetary Urbanism – The Transformative Power of Cities in 50 Selected Works

“Planetary Urbanism – The Transformative Power of Cities” is the publication of the competition entitled “Planetary Urbanism”, which was launched in 2015 as the second „Critique of the Present“ competition after the first competition „Out of Balance“ in 2012 by the architecturial magazine ARCH+.


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