News | 30. March 2016

S/he – the factory magazine issue about gender, economy and resources is online

Sustainability is always connected to gender equality. Thus, during transformation to a sustainable society the gender perspective should be focused more often. The new magazine issue S/he features articles about subtle and not so subtle gender distinctions: gender specific products, shopping aspects, women's sustainable businesses and family oriented working concepts.

News | 27. November 2015

How finance ministers could fall in love with carbon pricing

Pricing CO2 could help to end the deadlock of international climate policy. Finance ministers around the world would have reason enough to favor carbon taxes or emissions trading even if they do not take into account the risks resulting from unabated greenhouse-gas emissions, a new study shows. While the outcome of the world climate summit in Paris is uncertain, national governments and their economies can profit from taxing CO2 instead of taxing capital or labour – irrespective of whether or not other countries cooperate.

News | 06. November 2015

The Hope for COP

Forget the COP or is the Climate Summit in Paris a realistic chance for change? Since the beginning of the UN-Conferences the worldwide greenhousegas emissions increased for 60 percent after all. The Wuppertal Institut positions itself with a catalog of postulations to the Conference of the Parties (COP).


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